Trophy Wife by Amanda Putty

“I understand Henry’s got a new young wife.
  Does she do anything?”

“Not really. She’s going back to school to get

  her degree. But she’s captain of the girl’s

  soccer team.”

Signed Limited Edition Print

20 by 22 inches  $500

Framed – Ready to Hang

26 by 28 inches  $750

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Canvas Signed by Artist

40 by 42 inches  $5,000

Hedge Fund Girls

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Beware Hedge Fund Girls!

The Trophy Wife is Enemy No. 1

  1. 1.Don’t trust her!

  2. 2.Don’t talk to her!

  3. 3.Don’t let her come to the office!

  4. 4.If she comes in, don’t let her see you! She will hate you on sight!

  5. 5.She already hates you!

  6. 6.She’s threatened by you!

  7. 7.She knows you can take her man!

  8. 8.Don’t think you can become her! She’ll fight you tooth and nail! And you’ll die trying!

  9. 9.You will get the man anyway!

  1. 10. She can’t give him what he wants!

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